RealFlight Drone version 1.00.035 is now public

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are pleased to announce that version 1.00.035 is now available as a free public release for RealFlight Drone users. This update adds new models to the existing software.

The Scorpion Sky Strider 280 is a stylish 280-class FPV racing quad. We recreated two variants: one with the optional 5-degree angled arm clamps, and one with the optional 10-degree clamps. Both provide greater forward speed and visibility at lower vehicle tilt angles than a quad with upright motors.

The xCraft X PlusOne is a unique hybrid design. The X PlusOne takes off, lands, and hovers like a quadcopter but tilts forward to fly like an airplane. With no control surfaces, all directional control comes from the four motors.

The LauncherHelper will need to restart partway through the update process. Answer "Yes" when it asks if you want to continue downloading the new version. When this process is finished, you will have the latest available version of RealFlight Drone.