RealFlight Migration Tool - RF7 edition

Adam Taylor

People upgrading from RealFlight 6 to RealFlight 7 can use the attached tool to migrate all their custom content to RealFlight 7 with a single mouse click.

If you're upgrading from G4 or G5, you will need to run the previous migration tools as well, which can be found here and here.

These tools will only migrate your custom and imported (swap page) content -- they will not re-install any previously installed Add-Ons or Expansion Packs. That must be done separately.

Note: Custom aircraft with flight physics optimized for a earlier versions may need additional editing to fly correctly in later versions.

Another note: This tool has performed as expected in our own testing, but opjose has reported difficulties getting RF7 to recognize his migrated aircraft. If you use this tool, please give us a hand and report back with any success or failure stories. Thanks!



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Yeah Nice!

You should consider putting this in the DVD in a separate "Tools" folder.


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Yup, then take that one step further and give the option to automatically copy the add-ons, EP's and Megapacks the user may have installed...

Toss in a slick front end and upgraders get a secondary bonus.


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Oops... it doesn't work as advertized for me...



- Everything is transferred over to the proper folders, however upon opening aircraft the sim reports that the KEX files are not found.

HOWEVER the file IS in the path RF 7 says that the file is missing from!

- Airports have no such problems

I've tried running the tool as admin, and running the sim as admin too.
I've tried relaxing all security rights to the "user" folder.
I've tried manually copying the KEX files for aircraft

All have failed

- The closing message popup refers to "all of your aircraft have been transferred to Realflight 6".


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Ah I see the reason for the problem.

In Windows Vista and above you cannot map the root of the user folder, instead you are forced to map the subfolders.

Since I use SSD drives I want my content off the SSD drive so I have a

D:\Users\Opjose\My Documents folder

While the C:\Users\Opjose folder is on the C:\ drive.

The migration tool cannot handle this so Realflight looks for the content on the non-existent C: drive explicitly.

Normally references to %USERPROFILE%\My Documents are translated automatically by the operating system to reference the new folder locations, but Realflight is not seeing it for the airplanes and helis.

It DOES see it for the airports though!

Can this be fixed in the sim or does the migration tool have to alter the .airplane and .colorscheme, etc. files to hard code the new locations based off the target folder?


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Adam following up...

Importing aircraft directly in the sim works perfectly even though I have the "My Documents" folder on a secondary drive.

( any "user" can right click on one of the subfolders, e.g. "My Pictures" and select "location" to move the folder elsewhere ).

So the problem is with something the Migration tool itself is doing.

This problem also applies to colorschemes.


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Windows utilizes "junction links" to redirect the contents of C:\Users\USERNAME\My Documents\ etc. to somewhere else.

Junction links are transparent to the application... so much so that Realflight 7 doesn't think the folders are redirected at all.

This lets the Realflight.ini, imported aircraft, airports and colorschemes WORK PROPERLY from the redirected folders.

The problem lies squarely with aircraft that are brought over via the migration tool as those and only those files report a missing KEX and files.


worked for me except the color schemes :( sure would have been nice if RF would have made this an option...some of us have hundreds of av and cs !


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RF7 Crashes


I downloaded the Migration Tool and tried to run it. It froze during the process when it could not find the Eflite 480 motor. I was able to exit out and now when I launch RF7, I receive "An unexpected error has occured. Would you like to send a report to Knife Edge?" I select yes and the program exits.

Should I uninstall then reinstall?

Thanks for any advice.



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It Works!


Your advice was right on. Many thanks. I guess I will reload my planes from my
plane download folder.

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The migration tool is only designed to move custom content. Expansion Packs and Mega Packs are not included.

(As a knowledgeable user, you could just copy the appropriate .DCKs...)