RealFlight version 8.00.019 is now public

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
RealFlight 8 is about to begin shipping! In anticipation we have released an online update with numerous improvements.

8.00.019 is available as a free public release for RF8 users. Obtain it via the Launcher's "Registration/Updates" option. Please note that .019 includes an overhaul to the Launcher, and the method for obtaining future updates will be a little different and a lot friendlier.

  • The Gremlin 280, a new high-performance 280-class heli
  • A user interface is available in VR. Interact with it via the InterLink controller's UI buttons (recommended) or your computer's mouse.
  • 8 new scenarios

  • VR: Added a "VR Scale" property to onboard camera components. Adjusting this makes the cockpit camera experience more VR friendly, and can make models feel full scale while you're in them.
  • VR: Added a "VR User Interface Scale" property in the Settings dialog for adjusting the size of the UI while in VR
  • VR: Added a helpful error message if RealFlight and your VR system are using different graphics adapters
  • VR: For preexisting content (i.e., swap pages models), onboard cameras with simulated head movement enabled will use a different, friendlier "VR Scale" default value
  • Multiplayer: If someone is flying a drone model that you do not have, a generic drone model will be rendered in its place
  • Multiplayer: The generic plane and heli models do not trigger an "invalid colorscheme" console error message
  • FBX Import: Normal and specular maps are correctly imported
  • FBX Import: Propellers and heli blades import properly
  • FBX Import: Models can be imported as airport objects
  • Flight Modes gadget now appears in the lower right corner by default
  • Added some Welcome dialog tips of the day
  • Added "Pause Sim When in Background" RF setting
  • Misc. translations improvements
  • Launcher: The Launcher has received a cosmetic and functional overhaul

  • Riley Model B: Removed a spurious rudder input mixed with aileron, increased rudder deflection, corrected main wing dihedral
  • Synergy 766: Tweaked some gains for more accurate performance
  • Tiny Terror 150: Has a tighter tune and more power
  • Various: Tuned "VR Scale" setting for cockpit cameras to improve the experience when flying inside the vehicle