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Hi I have the RF G4,5. I know how to record and i can look at the videos via RF. But when i try to open them in the RF map with VLC/Windows media player, they doesn't work, why? I want to put them up on youtube.
Thank you/ IPJT


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Do i need to download fraps? Can't i put it up on youtube with the included RF recorder?

Adam Taylor

You will need fraps or something similar.

RealFlight recordings do not actually contain any video information -- they simply contain all the data needed to reconstruct and replay the flight within the simulator. If you want to make an actual video you can put on YouTube, you will need something like fraps.
Just to add....

If you are interested in making a Realflight video for YouTube, you may also want to look into either Windows Movie Maker, or a small Freeware video converter to process the footage created by fraps.

I have seen the video footage from fraps work fine first go on some systems, but then there are some where, due to the high rate of information captured by Fraps, can leave you with footage that is less than desirable when you play it back. You may find large amounts of distortion in the video and audio.

But taking that footage, and converting it, can often produce quite good results from what, at first , appears to be unusable footage. Really bad interference does not happen often, but remebering this tip, can sometimes help rescue video of a "One Off " lucky moment you managed to catch :)

Good luck making your video and I look forward to seeing it on YouTube :D