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The 4 aircraft I would love to see are the Freya Evo 90 Helicopter, the Synergy N9 Helicopter a big scale glider and a Q40 or Q500 Pylon Racer.
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Vectorflight Edge 540 (for those of us who do not have an edge model via add-ons)

Goldberg Tiger 2 - A great 2nd airplane and would be awesome to have on a sim for people starting out.


Hangar 9 Showtime with the Side Force Generators

Ryan C. Archer

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i am going to do the hangar 9 showtime, the edge 540 shocky is being finished right now. my friend rob is doing the tensor 4d. i am also doing the se5, i will do the reflection bipe also. the parachutist is in the works. i am just finishing the model for the yak 54 shockflyer. then next is they dalton aviation extra 260. thanks, ryan :)


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Nice Work!! I have to admit you are crazy for 11 years old, thats how old you are right? I have no skill with this kind of work. You are truly amazing and everyone else creating these wonderful models are amazing as well


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Ryan C. Archer said:
here's the finshed model of the tensor. i am trying to get it done tonight and maybe uploaded on my site tomorrow for download. i did get dion's permision and the guys from realflight. and i don't thinhk clearview has a tensor. ok. anyways, here it is. ryan :)
Were can i find your site thanks ?