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I have an FMS F7F Tiger Cat. It is a 1700mm twin plane with retracts and flaps, I am reluctant to maiden it until I can get some SIM time with it. Anyone seen a SIM floating around? :):):):)


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I have the new Flight line 1600mm Fu-1D Corsair and would love one for RF

Also a Mamba 60E Biplane would be great.........

Thank you


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BTW, I know that RF9 has a Cub, but is the 1.3 variant - with GPS. I'm looking for the big version (2.1m). Don't think scaling up would quite get it.


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Flex Innovations - Mamba 60E

How about any of the Flex Innovations Mamba series? I have a Mamba 60E and would love to see that.