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Yes, FMS grey foamy seems to cover the foam well in all of their grey planes.
Also nice is their grey T-28 and F-16 which I have.
And thats the stock prop too..
Here are a couple more pics I found on the web.


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If you are serious... you have to do the homework... pictures or 3D views, flight video... weights, sizes... every bit of information you can come up with to entice one of the modelers to take on your project... keep in mind that Blade is a Horizon product... and Real Flight is Tower Product... not saying that it can't be done. You might want to check Horizon's Phoenix sim... I don't know, but it might exist there.

blade 130x
some of you can do it?


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Heh. I wasn't even curious enough to click his link, until I read your post. Yes, that plane has been done to death, but you never know. Just grab one of the thousands of Sukhois on the swaps now, and tweak it to fly like yours. You can color like yours, too. The 3D model is just a shape, that's all.


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Talon Tricopter

Hey Guys,

Anyone interested in doing the model / physics for the Turnigy Talon Tricopter.
I can supply a CAD model / or export the file type best suited for your software.
Any info required will be available if project is taken on board. eg weight / dims.. (I have one on the bench as well as the CAD models)

Craft features;
# Rearward folding arms for transport.
# 3 Forward positions for arms to fly.
# Tail servo control for rear motor.

Hope this helps,
Cheers Brad.



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This is a possibility but not until I'm done with my current project. I will contact you about it soon.


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There are a plethora of Extra 300s already available for RF. I even made one myself. They're all the same shape. All you need is new physics and a new colorscheme.


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Length: 2-5 Feet
Fuselage COLL frame may need a higher thain usual detail.

I can later on in the aircraft editor do these things:

  • Correct CG info
  • add neccisary movable pods
  • make colorscheme
  • correct engine