RF 7.5 planes


Wondering....I've got quite a few different planes for the simulator..many appear very small though. Is there a way to resize these airframes....or is there somewhere I can go to get larger airframes? These small ones are hard to see / fly.


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in realflight ou should be able to click on the word aircraft that the top of the screen.. and click on the Edit plane.. and then click on Vehicle.. scroll down just a tad and you will see Scale.. bump that number up and your all set


Got it...thanks.....so now....the question is...when I increase the scale on some of these RFX files.....when the sim reverts back to the runway GUI, the plane is dancing all over the place without any radio inputs. Got any idea why that is??


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Before you get heavily involved with learning aircraft editing, I suggest looking for AV files that relate to large scaling done by others already. Most of the older planes have been done already and this means they are ready made for you already. Most are in Quarter scale and up and give you the visual perception your seeking