RF 8 Problem in Windows 10 Bootcamp


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Hi, I have a brand-new MacBook Pro 16" running windows bootcamp with Windows 10. I have now attempted twice to get RF 8 running but both times have now failed. RF 8 installs fine, and loads to the point where I can see Carl Henson Field in the background with the intro dialog box that has the "Fly" button in the lower right hand corner. RF then freezes at this point and I can't do anything. Then my screen goes black and no error messages appear. RF is unresponsive when I get it back open and I close it. This happens with both the version straight out of the box and the latest version. Windows is not activated on my computer but that should not matter. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Computer Specs:
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM
Intel UHD 630 Graphics
9th Generation Intel i9 8-core processor @ 2.3 GHz
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Ouch that will be hard to debug - but bootcamp is the recommended way of running RF on Mac. Maybe the people at Horizon already have seen the issue.

or email the product support people at