RF-X not compatible with Orange DSMX/DXM2 simulator dongle?


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Evidently RF-X is not compatible with the Orange DSMX/DSM2 dongle. Easy to bind my DX8 Cen 1 to the dongle and test it. Four channels working perfectly between the DX8 and the dongle, however, RF-X says that it recognizes an unauthorized controller and wants me to plug in the Tactic Tx that came with the program. I guess RF-X isn't compatible with any wireless dongle, or anything else except the Tactic Tx. What a PIA. Has anyone tried the Orange dongle with RF-X?


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RF-X is not compatible and will not be compatible with anything but the RF SLT wireless Adapter, the Interlink X, Interlink Elite and the USB wired Adapter. Support has been Discontinued for this product.