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I was using RF-X on my Windows 10 gaming desktop (64Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX-1080 video card, Intel I7-7700K CPU) and it used to run ok. Recently (maybe after a Windows update), I began to receive the following error messages when trying to run it. I already tried reinstalling the software and I also removed all the Microsoft Visual C++ files and reinstalled the latest version but the error message persists. After trying to run the RF-X the computer crashes. The error messages reads as follows translated into English:

RF-X_x64.exe - Incorrect Image
C:\Windows\System32\MSVCP120.dll is not designed to be run on Windows or contains an error..........
Error Status 0xc00012f

Then the program begins loading and the following error message is displayed:

Can't load world
CoherentUIGTView m_view;
FWCoherentUIGTView.h:9: Interpreter::parse(): unknown token "CoherentUIGTView"
World::loadWorld(): can't load "../data/Workshop.cpp" world script

Is anyone else getting these error messages or knows how to fix this problem?

Thank you.
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I used to have some trouble with computers running non USA English versions of the Windows Operating System. Could you try changing to english as the language. Just as a test, and I am wild guessing.