RF6 Upgrade won't install in new computer


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New computer 6th Gen i7, 12GB Ram, 2GB video ram (it's an Asus 2-in-one) 2TB HD.

I recently upgraded my computer and although my old one had Win10 and my new one has Win10 I cannot get my RF6 Upgrade to install.

I started with 5.5 a while ago and I still had the original disk so that is what I used to install it on the new computer. It installed okay and runs fine on the new computer.

I am having a problem getting my RF6 upgrade disk to install. The disk just spins for a while, makes a little noise and then ejects.

If anybody has any suggestions it would be really helpful and thank you in advance.

Oh yeah I do have the controller/dongle plugged in.


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Oh yeah I do have the controller/dongle plugged in.
What dongle do you speak of? RealFlight 6 did not offer any dongle. Using anything other than what comes with the RealFlight software is considered pirating the software. That being said, you will need to contact tech support and if necessary they will be able to replace your disc. Use the Grey bar at the top of the forum.


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Some would consider the controller a dongle as it performs two functions. A dongle because it allows program access.

I don't think the OP had meant anything devious by that.