RF9.5 no sound


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Installed working find have a great first time experience for approx. one hour.Sut it down for the evening ,open up program this am and no sound every thing else works find.Not real computer Savvy but Should I reload the RF program to start over?Thanks for your help


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set up a rf9.5to a del computer running through a hessence flat screen tv with HMDI cable. Worked prefect and then lost sound through sound bar.Managed to get sound back through tv speackers but not sound bar


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The problem is in Windows, not Real Flight. Look at your windows control panel, device drivers, and driver selection.


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Clearly something changed overnight. Did you change the setup on your TV, Sound Bar, etc.?

If not, it could have been caused by an automatic update in Windows installing new audio and/or video drivers.

Regardless, the solution depends on how your sound bar is connected. RF just ports the sound to Windows to deal with. It doesn't actively control the destination, only the level.

If the sound bar connected directly to your TV, make sure the sound bar is still connected to the TV, has power, and the inputs are snug, then you may need to look at your TV settings to enable the output to the sound bar.

If the sound bar is connected to your computer directly or through an amp or DAC then to your computer, then first make sure that the sound bar, amp and/or DAC is powered on, has the volume up at an appropriate level, and is using the correct inputs and outputs, then look at your Windows Sound Settings and make sure you have the right Output Device selected.