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I have RF9 (with DX) coming tomorrow. I already own and use RF8. Since I had to purchase RF9 outright, I now own RF8 and RF9. I would like to donate RF8 to our club. I know I need to call to de-register RF8 so that it can be re-registered.

So my question: Do I need to de-register RF8 before I install RF9 or will it allow me to do a separate registration (different password) so that I can de-register/uninstall RF8 after I'm sure all is well with RF9? I assume that saying upgrade would reuse my existing password and make RF8 un-registerable.



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I have RF7.5, RF8, and RF9 all registered and running on the same PC. So you should have no problem.


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Thanks. I'm pretty sure I did not qualify. I bought RF8 back in Feb. 2019 and I think the cutoff for the upgrade was July 15, 2019. I wanted to buy the InterLink DX anyways so its okay (although I would have preferred to put the money towards another plane). I'll just give the RF8 to the club to resell.

I was actually okay using my DXe for RF8 but the lack of the Tri-State controls (like getting Intermediate Mode on a SAFE airframe) was a bit of a frustration. I sold the DXe when I got a good deal on DX8 and I just don't like using the DX8 for RF. I need a lot of time on it and, to me, the DX8 is just too expensive to put wear and tear on as a simulation tool. I do intend to still use the DX8 with RF when I think I have a technique nailed to be a little more sure I can actually reproduce it at the field.

BTW, BrokeDad was correct. I installed RF9 side-by-side with RF8 and it is separately registered so it should be no problem to deregister RF8 when the time comes.

RF9 is not a huge advance over RF8 but for those of us just getting started the new InterLink DX and the much better mapping of the "transmitter" to the plane is worth it. That said, what HH really did was they aligned RF with their product line which, no matter how much work it was on their part, is really a "minor" upgrade to the user. It is still a 32 bit product in a 64 bit world. It is still using very old graphics interfaces and even the install feels like I'm installing a pile of 3.5" floppies instead of a DVD. They would have much better customer relations if they had followed through on doing something for existing users. As for the additional planes, I personally feel that HH should provide them free for all new HH planes, or at least all new HH trainer-planes, to all RF owners. It helps them sell more and helps us feel more sure of a potential purchase.
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