RFX should be updated now that most hardware can run it


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I've owned several RF products, including 9.5. As many have said, the physics are very good, but the DX9 engine the sim uses is very outdated, and many newer GPU drivers are dropping support for DX9 now. Current AMD drivers have already removed DX9 support. That's not surprising, since DX9 was introduced 19 years ago.

I thought RFX was a great product but needed a lot of optimizations. I am a former game developer (worked mostly on N64 and Dreamcast long ago) and if Knife Edge wants to completely abandon RFX, maybe they could release the source code so we can update it take advantage of DX11/12 and run the way it was meant to run back in 2016. I realize that won't happen, but if RFX were made open source, just imagine how incredible it could be.

I would have preferred that Knife Edge used Unreal Engine rather than Uniengine, but the Uniengine SDKs are very good now and it has fantastic support from independent developers.

I really think that KE should consider reintroducing this product with the physics and models of 9.5, but with an updated graphics engine.