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Changing to USB. Purchased a ECS USB to 15 Pin Joystick Gameport Converter from Executive Communication Systems. The converter has four switch options: Game Pad, Joystick A, Joystick B and Wheel. Has anyone used this converter and would be willing to provide instructions? I have seen instructions on the Radio Shack. I have an old version of Real Flight and am attempting to get it running on XP Service Pack 2. I down loaded the latest Real Flight software. My young ones miss the simulator since the 333MHZ crashed. This looks to be a challenging road which guidance would be appreciated.

I am also curious if this old software will work with Vista?



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The simulator should run on XP SP2. I use the Radio Shack converter but the install for your brand should be similar. The RS instructions are posted about 5 or 6 post down from this one in this forum. Notice that The RS converter setting is number 4 (or wheel). I would use the wheel setting on yours and then follow the RS instructions exactly.

I am not sure if the simulator will run on Vista. I have stayed with XP.
Good Luck.


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i cant get pass the set up part of the game it is asking for the seriel off cd case dont have it and the number off back of controler interphase dont have it what can i do or where can i get some good number it will take please help i have real flight deluxe and want to play thanks
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No need to double post ....
Like I told you in the other thread
if you do not have an interlink you will NOT be able to use RF
no one here will share a serial with you...if that's what you're asking?


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Without numbers, no go. Your only hope is to contact tech support, but I doubt there's anything going to come of it. I've never even heard of RF deluxe.:confused:
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