Set Up "Favorites" Airplane Models?


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Is there an easy way to set up a list of "favorite" airplane models?

It can take a long time scrolling through aircraft and remembering which ones I like.

So is there a way to "favorite" about five or ten of them easily so that I can find them quickly?

(I know the list of aircraft has a "recently used" feature, but I am looking for something a little more permanent).



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There is not a good way to do exactly that. But the "Most Often Used" filter in the Quick Select dialog may be helpful approximation.
That's a good tip … Thanks.
Are there any plans for the next version (assuming another in in the works) to:
1.) allow the user to create and use custom folders such as "Biplanes", "Amphibian" .etc.
2.) a way to delete or move items to these folders.

I can see a need for this concerning Aircraft, Airports, and Airport objects.
It's especially hard to find an airport object. Some are in unusual categories.

If ever you want to start a forum on editing suggestions, I believe you could get some interesting and helpful communications.


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This suggestion has appeared on every suggestion list for several years. I certainly would like to be able to select from the aircraft by category. I would like the ability to bookmark an aircraft. As the data list grows ever longer, searching is more important. There is a search engine (control+F) but it does not search the aircraft description. Thing is that if you add a bookmark system, as you suggest, and then bookmark a lot of aircraft, that becomes useless too!

I have all the expansion packs, the megapacks, the add-ons, and some swap aircraft. I use the F8 search engine to find the desired aircraft and hope my memory does not fail me. That is a lot of data to look through. For the most part, I only fly a couple of aircraft to keep muscle memory in my hands. (and waste work time)
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