Sport Cub S2 horizon hobby on older RealFlight?


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Enjoy your dinner, will continue to ask question for sure, very helpful forum and thank for your feedback : )


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great advice, a couple of the videos i saw mention the same thing if its coming at you and one wing is pointing towards the ground think of it as a table and point the aileron towards that. I get in trouble when I use a combination of rudder and aileron to adjust yaw and roll. I'm very glad i got this sim instead of going out there on the sport cub s2 to practice on.
Same concept that Uncle Twist talked about. Push toward the nose to correct yaw. Push toward the low wing to correct roll.

Example: aircraft coming toward you. Nose begins to drift to YOUR right. Push the rudder stick to the right. Follow the nose with the stick! Coupling rudder can be tricky, but it’s technically the correct way to fly AND it’s the safest way to correct at low altitude and speed.