the friggen thing

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the stupid plane keeps doing the same thing over and over and I can't control it or stop it. The contorller is plugged in and it's on and everything but they stupid plane won't stop going! help!!

i'm stupid


Same deal

I have HP "ME" and RealFlight Classic......Only way I can get it to load at all is
to check NO when it asks if I want to install Micorsoft Direct X. It will install but
controller does not function. I cannot follow thier instructions by going to Run and typing in "d:/" as nothing happens. However the plane goes around and around and around and have to hit Esc.. Any hints... you can e-mail me at
Thanks Don-Basehor, Ks. :confused:


Direct X Controller no responding

Slider is the man..... he said after installing RealFlight check the box NO to Direct x install.. THEN after power off, back on, Click Start... Run... d:\dxdia
Then you load this diagnostic and BINGO all works
Don-Basehor, Ks


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Need Help

G3 is locking up my computer when I start, loads 1/2 and then locks on Airport File Load.

Sent Diagnostic of my system to the help desk, they responded:

Please edit your RealFlight.ini file as follows:

Play Songs = No

We have found that the error IVIAUDIO.AX is always the problem with MP3 background sounds.

I have no clue on what they are refering to or how to make this adjustment.

When I asked them to further explain, they have not answered me back.

I have been beating my head against this brick wall for hours with no progress.

Can someone give me some help?




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First, this is the RealRace Classic support area. Why didn’t you post your question in the Realflight G3 support area?

Second, RealFlight.ini is a file on your computer. You need to locate it and make a change to it.

From the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of your screen, select Start-> Search -> For Files or Folders. In the “Search for files or folders named:” area, enter “realflight.ini” then click Search Now. The file should appear in the right side of the window. If two realflight.ini files are found, then perform the following procedure on both of them.

Once you’ve found the file you double-click it to edit. A new window will appear with the contents of the file. Scroll through the file until you see a line that says “[Sound]”. Below that you should see a line that says “Play Songs = Yes”. Change the “Yes” to “No.”

After you make the change, select File -> Exit from the menu on top. Click on “Yes” when ask if you want to save. You’re done.
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