Too many heli's!


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Someones gonna be mad, but....

Is there a way to (safely) move my heli's to somewhere else, so they DONT show up in that nice graphic dropdown on the left side of the screen? Just too much to scroll through looking for the Planes want...

I know, I know....Blasphamy....but I can barely chew gum and walk, so rotary wings :eek: are completely beyond my ability!

Ryan Douglas

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If you're talking about the selection dialog that is selectable via the main Aircraft menu, then no, there is no way to sort its contents like you describe.

However, I think you're talking about the Aircraft Quick Select menu, in which case you're in luck! Just change the filter (which is set to "All Aircraft" by default) to "Airplanes Only".

To perhaps stem the tide of righteous indignation: "Helicopters Only" is an available option as well. :)



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You can press ctrl/cmd + F to open search, start to type in the name of what aircraft you want, and it should appear on the list.


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Thanks Ryan...Can I edit the default names (put prefix like WW1, 30's, WW2, etc) to keep them stacked in groups?

Otherwise while scrolling I'm like "...weredit go! was it P for P 51, or M for Mustang"


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You can save any model as a copy named as you please. They will show in the custom aircraft folder.