Two RealFlight 8 updates available (all versions)

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Thread updated to include release notes. See below.

We just released two new versions of RealFlight 8 at the same time! These are for DVD and Tower Hobbies Digital version customers. Steam users will get the same updates very soon. [EDIT: All the changes described here are now included in the latest available Steam version.]

Between the two versions you will get features like AS3X and SAFE technology as well as improved support for HID controller options like the Spektrum WS1000 and joysticks/gamepads, plus numerous helpful bug fixes.

8.00.044 is the version included in new RealFlight 8 Horizon Hobby Edition boxes. 8.00.052 is an update timed to coincide with the release of the HHE, which is now shipping to customers. Both are available as free updates for all RealFlight 8 users.

If you own the Horizon Hobby Edition, the 8.00.052 update completes the set, adding 5 vehicles to the 8 included on the original product disk!

As always, we recommend all users update to the latest version available for the best possible experience.

Complete release notes for the new versions appear below.

Ryan Douglas

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8.00.044 release notes

New Features:
  • Spektrum Flight Controller - This new electronics component adds Spektrum AS3X (Artificial Stabilization - 3 aXis) and SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technologies.
  • Improved Spektrum WS1000 Compatibility - RealFlight automatically selects an appropriate dedicated radio profile, supplies better default calibration values, and sets controller deadband to 0 when it detects a WS1000 dongle.
  • Channel Mapping - The overhauled channel mapping dialog features a new approach to channel assignment. (Click for a demonstration)
  • Flight Modes Gadget - The existing Drone Flight Modes gadget is expanded to display and describe all the new AS3X/SAFE/VTOL flight modes.
  • HHE Add-On Support - RealFlight 8 now supports the new Horizon Hobby Edition Add-On, which adds 13 new Horizon Hobby aircraft and two new challenges to the simulator.
  • Controller: Requirements are relaxed for enabling the calibration dialog's Finish button. This allows better support for a wider range of controller types.
  • Controller: Calibration dialog displays a warning message if not all of the detected axes have been calibrated. However, the user is allowed to continue. (Sometimes a dongle-type device reports more axes than the connected controller supplies.)
  • Controller: Trims can now be mapped to controller inputs. (This is not necessary for InterLink controllers.)
  • Controller: Calibration dialog displays channels 9 & 10 for the InterLink-X.
  • Controller: Added console commands for virtual channels 9 & 10. By default they are not bound to any keys. Bind them via the console like so: "bind [key] +virtual_ch9".
  • Controller: Stock "Joystick (4-axis)" radio profile is modified to better fit more joysticks.
  • Controller: Inputs are ignored from inactive controllers.
  • Controller: Selected controller type is remembered between sessions (though if there is more than one of the same type, it may not select the exact same one on startup).
  • Multiplayer: Voice chat works in VR.
  • Challenges: Targeting Ring will always appear regardless of its visibility setting in multiplayer.
  • Challenges: Pilot figure control object is not visible during and after FPV Race League levels.
  • Import: 3ds Max material specular values produce correct results after FBX import.
  • Import: Normal and specular map .TGAs retain their original timestamp during FBX import.
  • Import: Diffuse textures with a "_d" signifier at the end of their name are handled better.
  • Import: Custom airport objects with very large triangle counts do not crash the sim when they are added to an airport. (Previously they could be imported and even viewed in the Add Object preview window but could not actually be added.)
  • Settings: "oculusVRResolutionScale" console command replaces the old VR Quality setting. (More info)
  • Added tent and blade flag airport objects displaying Horizon brands.
  • Removed some brand logos from airport objects.
  • Gadget Tabs: Up/Down arrow keys on the keyboard scroll at a reasonable rate.
  • Playing a VFI automatically closes the console.
  • Removed errant semi-visible text from Flight Modes gadget background.
  • Minor visual fix for Palace Planter airport object.
  • Updates to RealFlight Manual and Radio Interface Help documents.
  • Installer: Protect against some legacy EP/MP installation issues (Described here).
  • Installer: Post-installation message that is displayed when errors have occured includes the log file name.
  • Added RF-97 Sailplane (Advanced) which makes use of channels 9 & 10.

Ryan Douglas

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8.00.052 release notes

New Features [HHE ONLY]:
  • New Vehicles - If you own the Horizon Hobby Edition, this update completes the set, adding 5 vehicles to the 8 included on the original product disk.
  • Two New Challenges:
    - Hangar Obstacle Course I: Fly the HobbyZone Sport Cub S in SAFE Beginner mode from one end of a hangar to the other, avoiding the stacked crates in your way.
    - Hangar Obstacle Course II: Fly through the same courses with the larger E-flite Timber 1.5m in AS3X mode.
  • Multiplayer: Hiding a user also hides their chat messages.
  • Multiplayer: Default server message displayed to clients includes the correct local path to ServerMessage.txt.
  • Multiplayer: Removed a couple pilot profile avatar images due to branding.
  • Challenges: Pressing the Menu/Select button with the pause menu open no longer creates a second pause dialog after the first is closed.
  • Challenges: Reset, Menu/Select, and Cancel buttons can all close challenge award dialogs.
  • Default hand launch pitch angle is increased from 0 degrees to 10.
  • Minor visual fix for House of Horrors airport object.
  • Manual: Visual style overhaul and cleanup.
  • Launcher: If a file download failure occurs during an online update, it silently retries a number of times before notifying the user.
  • Launcher: Improved progress bar behavior, added support for larger downloads.
  • Launcher: The legacy product installer is cleaned up regardless of which uninstall options are selected.
  • Steam: Quick Select dialogs are disabled when the Steam overlay is enabled.
  • Steam: Prevented a theoretical scenario where the activation process could get stuck in an infinite loop with no user option to cancel.
  • Gremlin 280: Servo linkages are all oriented correctly.