Using RF-8 with JR DMSS Transmitter?

Ah Clem

New member
I use JR DMSS transmitters for flying, and for my other simulators (AccuRC, Next, etc.). For the other simulators, I have two or three different dongles which work.

I would like to use the same transmitter with Realflight, but cannot figure out how to get it to work.

I understand that for Realflight, I need to use the special cable that plugs into the back of the Interlink Elite and then a trainer cord. I have the correct adapter cord for the back of my Realflight Interlink Elite Controller and the correct trainer cable (purchased from Horizon Hobbies).

After Realflight 8 boots up, from the "Simulation" tab, I scroll down to "Select Controller."
Under "Profile" I scroll down to JR and click to select it. At this point, the simulated transmitter in the lower right corner of the screen changes from Mode I to Mode II (you can see the image of the lowered throttle stick move from the left to the right side of the transmitter).

If I go in to the Edit screen, the sticks on the JR transmitter will not change any of the values in the display. The sticks on the Interlink Elite still move some of the values for some of the channels.

Clicking on "Refresh" does not seem to affect anything.

There is no response to any stick movements on the "Calibrate" screen either.

I think I am probably missing some basic step or missing some drivers, but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.