Using the Orange Dongle with RF-X and a DX8 Gen1 Tx


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Evidently RF-X is not compatible with the Orange DSMX/DSM2 dongle. Easy to bind my DX8 Cen 1 to the dongle and test it. Four channels working perfectly between the DX8 and the dongle, however, RF-X says that it recognizes an unauthorized controller and wants me to plug in the Tactic Tx that came with the program. I guess RF-X isn't compatible with any wireless dongle, or anything else except the Tactic Tx. What a PIA. Has anyone tried the Orange dongle with RF-X?


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RF-X has never been updated to use anything but the hardware that it shipped with. When Horizon bought out Hobbico, RF-X development was canceled and no further support for other hardware was ever implemented. Do not expect any updates for this software as it's discontinued.