Video stops

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I have Realflight deluxe and sometimes vido stops for a few fractions of a second (sometimes reaches the second).

What would you recommend to check before jumping into a computer shop. I do have a Diamond Viper V770D with 16 Mbytes RAM.

Any hint?



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Frame rate loss.

Hi Manual,
Could you be a little bit more specific? Like what speed is your computer is it a pentium 1 or 2 or 3, athlon etc... What kind of graphics are turned on? Is everything on ? or are you running the bare minimum ?
In case you havn't tried this, Try to turn some of the extra graphical settings off (airport items) Dont use plane smoke. Turn background music off.
I hope this helps. If you have already tried these things, please be a little bit more specific on your machine, operating system, how much ram etc...


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iflyinanh said:
16 megs, God this is outdated, iknow this hasent beighn sence 2000 but i have 4 GB of ram HaHA
Why re-open a thread from 2000 just to be sarcastic?


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Grave Digging?

Come on Nicholas,
After that "Data[space]directory" flop, last thing you want is bring on more attention to yourself. :rolleyes:
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