Wanted: Realflight Expansion Pack 5


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Add-ons are free. The Expansion Packs were sold separately. Some were combined into Mega Packs. I have the Heli Mega Pack. I do have serials for several but I can't find the discs anymore. About the only place to find them is EBay etc.


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Are not all of the "Expansion Packs" a FREE download now? And have been for years?

Add-on packs 1-5 are free to download from Real Flight, Real Flight Expansion packs 1-8 are different and still have to be found for sale. I was able to complete my collection of Expansion packs by searching feebay. I found the last two I needed new in package for a good price, may take a while but its possible.


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Will the Expansion packs work with 9.5?
All the expansion packs and add-ons work just fine with RealFlight 9.5. Some planes might need a little fine tuning in the physics so checkout the RealFlight Editor it's very good and you can change anything about the plane. Weight, Size, CG it's a very good editor. You can't add Visual Parts to the plane that's controlled by the person that creates the plane but you can change anything else.

The Expansion Packs are not sold retail anymore so you have to search places like EBay or Amazon for them in the after-market. The Add-Ons can be downloaded here.