wind in flightaxis


I'm really loving the new convergence model in the update. Great for testing ArduPilot tilt quadplane support!
A small request for a future flightaxis update. It would be nice if we could get a 3 axis airspeed value. The current single axis is not good for VTOL aircraft as if they fly backwards they still see airspeed, and that causes them to start using the fixed wing control surfaces, which are reversed relative to the airflow. That causes the aircraft to flip over.
I've now made a change to the ArduPilot flightaxis interface to use the 3D wind vector from flightaxis to calculate airspeed as a 3d vector (in combination with velocity). That seems to work, but I think having a direct method of getting airspeed on the X axis of a plane would be better, as that is what a pitot measures.
Cheers, Tridge