Windows 11


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My PC has just offered an update to windows 11.

Does anybody know if Realflight 9.5 works ok with windows 11?


Bill Stuntz

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I ran a pre-release version of 11 for a while. The only real advantage I saw was that it will be supported after Win10 support ends in 2025. As always, a lot of the things you already know how to do have been hidden in other places that make no more sense than the places they hid them when win10 came out. They still exist, but good luck finding them. I see no reason to go to win11, especially since I'm running a 4th gen i7 that isn't officially supported, but does everything I need it to do under win10 for the forseeable future. As far as I can see, the cosmetic changes do nothing more than make it look different, but do nothing to increase productivity or ease of use.


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Thanks for the review on Win 11
Don't need cosmetic changes ... I'm fine with the productivity ... will wait on ease of use


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Thanks for the replies. Realflight is the only program on the computer so needed to make sure it would still work. I’ll press the upgrade button, but I expect it will be Christmas before it’s downloaded on my 2mb internet connection.