Yeah awesome for free


Yeah ok I am hooked, looks superb on the Samsung Odyssey running with the I7 8700k OC to 5gHZ a GTX 1080 TI oc edition.

I love flight sims and something like this was hard to imagine even 3 years ago, wow!

I have no idea how realistic it is but it is a heck of a lot of fun and it feels realistic to me.

The Pylon racing is so much fun and in my opinion is almost the perfect use for the Samsung Headsets moving your head back and around and establishing your track and energy management on the loop and roll, great fun Realflight!

In my opinion this is the perfect use of VR and its hard to go back to the flat screen after using the Samsung, wow again.:):):):)

I had no issues with it and running it through Steam was a great move.

It was super smooth and fluid and absolutely no juddering, it was if I was in the cockpit.

Looking forward to seeing a more interactive cockpit with a cold start option and taxi out and positioning for a race start would be the only things that would take it to the next level but I do like the simplicity of a hot start option as how it is now.

I have only used my RFX controller and this weekend may try it with a proper set of full size controls.

Well done Realflight but now my only complaint.... hey how about finishing off RFX and getting it to the same level as the graphics here in both in flat screen and VR.

In many ways this is what I thought RFX would be like so is it running the same graphics engine or a later version?

On my wish list would be some real life cities to fly and weave through the buildings like a F1 racetrack for aeroplanes!