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Originally Posted by technoid View Post
I'm guessing Acro FS uses the RF-X graphics engine, is that correct ? How demanding is it on your system compared to the RF-X Beta Update? And of course what will the price be?
Yes, Acro FS is based on Unigine (game engine) and FlightAxis (flight physics), just like RF-X.

Acro FS is a little easier on your system than RF-X. My dev machine sees 60-80 fps at 1920x1200 on RF-X, and gets over 100fps with Acro FS.

Plan on a GTX1060 for a great 1080p monitor experience, and a GTX1080 (or 1080Ti) for a very good VR experience.

Acro FS is very smooth right out of the gate, thanks to a precompiled shader cache that we supply with the game.
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