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This is great info for people who need help setting up their own radios. Thanks for posting it!

However, I notice that you're suggesting people leave the "Enable Software Radio Dual Rates and Expo" setting enabled in the radio profile but also set up their preferred expo and dual rates while programming their radio. That is a bad idea, and not how it is supposed to work.

We added that software radio dual rates & expo option so that people who want to configure those things in their own radio can do so without giving up the other benefits that RealFlight's software radio provides. That is one of the big advantages of radio setup in RF7 versus previous versions.

If rates and/or expo are applied in the radio, that checkbox should be unchecked in RealFlight. The two should never be combined. I suggest taking another look at the Radio Interface Help.pdf, specifically the "The Software Radio" section and the subsequent three sections describing the three different methods. If you have questions after that I'll do my best to answer them.

Re: deleting custom radio profiles, you can actually do so from the Manage User Files dialog. We treat custom profiles like other custom content.

I would be happy to make this thread sticky and help keep it clean of unwanted posts, but I don't want to do that while the problem I mentioned above exists. I hope you'll address that and keep posting more setup guides!
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