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Well the install finished and I flew it for a while but since I'm not a real pilot having nothing to look at left me wanting more. I will say if there were places like the Island in the RF-X beta I'd be interested in flying around exploring the Island. Of course that's not the point of Acro FS but in the end I think you'll find a lot more people that want to use it to fly around and explore than aerobatic pilots that want to practice. Just my 2 cents.

At 1920x1200 with everything turned all the way up I'm getting right around 120 fps all the time, give or take, so frame rate is fine. That's definitely better than I get in RF-X or the Beta. I do get higher frame rates in the RF-X beta but not nearly as good as I get in Acro FS.

System Specs

512k NVMe SSD
GeForce 1070
1900x1200 Dell IPS Monitor

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