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Old 03-14-2019, 02:32 PM
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wireless using your Tx simple and cheap!

i left the hobby for a while and starting to get back in it i got the 7.5 upgrade from HH from 3.5

im using my laptop connected to my big screen but all the wires HDMI, laptop charging wire, interlink and then the cable to the TX from the interlink and connecting then packing it all up since its my living room was just to messy plus my wife was not to happy lol

i started to look online and found a post where a forum member on HF modded his interlink controller with a receiver inside for wireless to connect to his Tx

its as simple as soldering 3 wires (signal, power and ground) for a receiver and binding up to it, when you turn on your Tx it will appear in realflight when its off it wont

you need a PPM type receiver that works with your Tx radio, if you have one on hand this is a free mod for you, i picked up a lemonRx 8 ch ($20) to work with my JR and spektrum Tx's

now my laptop sits by my big screen no more wires and cables running across the living room just my wireless mouse on my coffee table infront of me and my Tx life made simple!

TIP: once you open up your interlink controller the battery door tabs are melted holding it in place, i used a exacto knife to cut the melted stuff off a little then used a flat blade screw driver to carefully push the tabs out with out braking them, if your in the hobby and working on your own stuff this should all be very simple for you

pics courtesy of user pctomlin from HF (thanks for the help)

yellow wire in the pic is the signal on m interlink elite controller,

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